Conil and the Costa de la Luz

The Costa de la Luz is divided between the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva. In Cadiz we can enjoy 260 km of coastline, where we will find possibilities for all tastes: huge beaches of fine sand, small coves surrounded by high cliffs, pristine beaches or beaches equipped with all amenities. And all bathed by crystal clear waters.

Conil is a clear example where most of these things coincide. Beaches, coves, nature, hiking, terraces, good food, the best tuna, good atmosphere and above all "good people".

Conil de la Frontera, El Arrecife, without doubt, an ideal place for your vacation.

Conil de la Frontera

Conil Beaches

Conil has a very long beach that runs the entire width of the town, with different names to distinguish areas such as Los Bateles, La Fontanilla, Castilnovo, Fuente del Gallo, Cala del Aceite... In just a few minutes walk you can go down to any of these beaches of fine white sand.

Castilnovo : wonderful virgin sandy beach, with ideal conditions for windsurfing.

Los Bateles : sandy beach located in the same town of Conil. It is equipped with all the services.

La Fontanilla : it is a semi-urban sandy beach, also equipped with services.

Fuente del Gallo: sandy beach that extends under the cliffs of Conil. At high tide the sand practically disappears and at low tide it is ideal for walking. It is located next to the urbanization Fuente del Gallo.

Calas de Quinto: it is a set of three small coves called Camacho, Sudario and Pitones, which are sheltered by the red cliffs. In them you can practice nudism.

Cala del Aceite: Beautiful cove with turquoise waters. It is quite sheltered when the east wind blows. The access is through a small staircase.

Calas de Poniente: a group of six virgin coves are called this way. Cala Encendida, Cala Aspero, Cala Pato, Cala Medina and Cala Frailecillo. You can practice nudism.

Roche Beach: wonderful sandy beach not too frequented.

Discovering the beaches

Calas de Conil

They are located in the northern area of Conil, between Fuente del Gallo and Roche urbanization.

From El Arrecife, just 10 minutes by car.

They are coves of great beauty and have a high landscape value. They are coves located in the countryside, pure, quiet, intimate and cozy, some of difficult access and located under the impressive cliffs of the north coast of Conil.

In many of them, especially in Roche, nudism is allowed. Officially the Cala Tio Juan de Medina is nudist.


Undoubtedly, Conil can boast at any time of its beaches, views and nature, but the sunsets are impressive, and these images are proof of that.


Conil is famous for its beaches, but let's not forget that its orchard and fields are another of its great riches, among them the sunflower fields that "paint" the surroundings in yellow every year at the end of May and June. It is undoubtedly a marvel for lovers of beautiful landscapes and colors.

La Janda in Black and White

Here are some of our impressions in black and white of our area, the Comarca de la Janda, starting with Conil, passing through Vejer, El Palmar and Los Caños de Meca.

Without a doubt, black and white has its charm and at the same time its mystery.


Charming fishing village, cradle of tuna and its tuna trap. Its streets and squares invite you to stroll through them. The Guzmán Tower, the Santa Catalina Church, the Arco de la Villa...

Vejer and El Palmar

White village par excellence, a few minutes from Conil. Its charming streets, full of history, ideal for a walk in the morning or at sunset. Good restaurants.

Los Caños de Meca

Famous for its Cape Trafalgar and its lighthouse, it is undoubtedly a place with beautiful images and full of history. Remember the famous "Battle of Trafalgar".